The "NEWS" site provides the most important news about the SEPV project during its project period, from March 2012 to May 2014.
  • 15May 2013

  • 1Dec 2012
    Start of the installation of the three NEA, 1 kW Solar PV grid connected systems, at NEA’s Man Bhawan Office in Kathmandu
    Gham Power, the KTM based local Solar PV company, one of the projects’ partners, started the installation of the project’s plant 2, the 3 x 1 kW solar PV grid connected systems. At NEA’s Man Bhawan office three 1 kW PB system are installed and connected to the grid because no load shedding is experienced in this building and three different grid connected inverters are installed to compare their performance.

  • 15Nov 2012
    RIDS-Nepal Project team starts the design of the Website
    The design of the web site with the real time data of all five 1 kW Solar PV grid connected system has been started by the RIDS-Nepal project team.

  • 7Nov 2012
    First Workshop on “Solar PV Grid Connected Systems in Kathmandu”, 7th – 9th November 2011 in Kathmandu, CES/TU
    A total of 60 participants (45 from public solar PV companies, from NEA, AEPC, TU and KU) joint the 3 days seminar on solar PV grid connected system. One and a half days theory, followed by practical solar PV grid connected system design, using the PVSyst software as well as practical sessions on the first grid connected PV system at the CES and the RAPS PV system at the RIDS-Nepal KTM office were visited and explained. The teaching and practical lectures were held by the SUPSI project leaders Domenica Chianese and Davide Rivola.

  • 31Oct 2012
    First Solar PV Grid connection
    End of October 2012 all project partners met to work together in KTM and on the 31st October 2012, at 15:00pm, the first, solar PV grid connected system was inaugurated, with NEA’s responsible engineers, turned the switch on for the 1.11 kW solar PV system, installed at CES/TU, to feed its generated power into the NEA grid.

  • 31Mar 2012
    Official Start of Phase II of the project
    The official project start of the “Solar PV Gird Connected Systems in Kathmandu” was in March 2012.

  • 31Dec 2011
    Donors found for Phase II of the project
    Towards the end of 2011 it become clear that the needed donors, interested to fund the second phase, have been found. Thus, the planning could go ahead of phase II.

  • 25May 2010
    Vision created for Nepal’s first “Roof Top Solar PV Grid Connected System Connected to the NEA Grid” Project
    With the positive results of the 2 years (2009/10) “Feasibility Study” project for solar PV grid connected systems in Kathmandu, all the project stakeholders decided to find the needed financial resources for phase II, the installation and monitoring of five, 1 kW, grid connected solar PV systems, in three different locations around Kathmandu.