Plant 1 - Center for Energy Studies

The Center for Energy Studies (CES) is part of the Pulchowk Engineering Campus, of the Tribhuvan University, Nepal’s first Government University. CES provides courses to undergraduate and graduate students in the field of Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs). CES provides students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and practical experience in applied RETs student research projects as part of their course’s dissertation or semester assignment.

The CES Solar PV Grid Connected System Plant 1 is a 1.11 kW rated solar PV array, connected to the NEA (Nepal Electricity Authority) grid.

The CES building experiences the daily load shedding as any other private household and industrial enterprise, and thus is strongly restricted in providing all the classes and the running of the student research projects.

The Solar PV Grid Connected System installed in CES is a “normal” grid connected solar PV system, with a solar PV array and a grid connected inverter. This type of grid connected solar PV system is well known in other countries, such as Germany, where they have become a common site and are a part of the national energy generation infrastructure. The CES solar PV grid connected system is feeding into the national grid during the daily sun hours when the grid is available, but is not able to feed the potential available power/energy into the grid, during times when there is load shedding, that means, the grid is not available. In this way we can understand in detail how much energy gets “lost” due to the unavailability of the grid during the day when otherwise power could be generated and fed into the grid.

The CES solar PV system was the first roof-top connected solar PV system in Nepal, connected on the 31st October 2012, in the presence, and with the authority of NEA delegates.

You can download the Plant 1 Block Diagram here.